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Luke Cut Beefy Boys Beef Jerky 3.0 Oz.
Busy Schedule? Don't worry, Beefy Boys has you covered. The perfect answer when you need to eat on the run is Luke Cut Beef Jerky.

It will take us 7 days to have your Luke Cut Jerky MADE TO ORDER. But it will be worth the wait, and you will know that you have the freshest jerky available!

Luke Cut Craft Beef Jerky made based on a secret family recipe dating back to 1963. This is exactly the same as the first recipe ever made by Beefy Boys Jerky Co, cut to the exacting specification of our customer "Luke" from Carmel Valley. Launched on 3/1/17 we predict that Luke Cut jerky will one day be our best seller, though it is not yet available in stores, and other flavors each have a loyal following.

People of all ages can enjoy this awesome conservative all natural style of beef jerky because it is milder than our other flavors, but it is cut into bite sized pieces that make it easy to pack in a lunch, or to grab a bite sized piece as you are driving, fighting a fire, or using your other hand to smack someone trying to steal your beef jerky!

All of our meat for this product is sourced from a local supplier located 120 miles from our Salinas California plant. We only take the choices portion of the Top round, and slice the meat so that you can tell it is a whole cut from a solid piece of meat - the bigger the better for beefy boys jerky. The cooking process is very slow no rushing of our product. Once fully cooked its set aside for cool down once cool we use butcher scissors to shape and size our product. You should expect some variation in the product, including occasional white marbling on the surface. This is how you know our product is hand crafted in small batches.

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