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Grown on a ranch in San Luis Obispo county, these avocados are organic and treated without herbicides and pesticides in orchards naturally fertilized by free-range chickens. The temperate Central Coast offers sunny days and cool nights, and provides a near perfect location for ripening flavorful fruit. Moreover, the orchards are predator-friendly, earth-friendly, and the owners are mindful that all animals serve a purpose in this richly diverse ecosystem. For more information about where these avocados are located visit Old Creek Ranch's website at: http://www.oldcreekranch.net/.
Nopalea Grande Cactus
Nopalea Grande Cactus

These cacti come from Rivenrock Gardens, a certified-organic edible nopales artisan-farm located in a remote and pristine area off the Central Coast of California, surrounded by oak trees and miles from conventional agriculture. Nopalea Grande cacti were cultivated by the Maya and offer a nearly spineless and VERY easy to prepare juicy fruit. For preparation information, videos, and recipes, visit Rivenrock Gardens' website: http://www.rivenrock.com/.

Quantities are sold from 2 lbs to a ton (depending on variety needed and season). Calif Organic Registration # 40-0405 Certified Organic By California Certified Organic Farmers CCOF Since 1993