Locale Marketplace
The National Small Farm Brand

Part of Top 10 Produce LLC, Locale Marketplace is an online marketplace where farmers sell their produce directly to consumers and buyers for pickup at regional farmers' markets or drop ship to a prespecified retail location. Through purchasing products from the Locale Marketplace, you can be ensured that you're purchasing directly from farmers, which ensures they are paid at market rate and can maintain a sustainable and profitable farm.

Top 10 Produce LLC was started in 2009 as the first 100% traceable produce brand. The company started in order to encourage smaller growers in regional areas to work together to market item-level traceable produce directly to consumers. The ability of the consumer to verify the actual location and farmer associated with the produce uniquely allows buyers to know the farming practices from where their food originated. This enables a virtual farmers' marketplace that empowers consumers to make their own decisions on where and how produce was grown. In turn, small farms are given a voice and opportunity to sell their products to a larger group of buyers.